Canadians camping out near Westminster Abbey

Canadian-abbey Sheree Zielke of Edmonton saves her place for the royal wedding across from Westminster Abbey (Katie Daubs)

If you want the best spot to watch the wedding, suffering is the price of admission. The best spots across from Westminster Abbey are already reserved by eager campers - and two Canadians are in on the action.

Bernadette Christie, from Grand Prairie, spent Tuesday night on the sidewalk across from the Abbey. She had hoped to stay at her aunt's house near Heathrow for a little longer, but when campers started arriving earlier in the week, she knew she had to come too.  She has a small tent set up.

"What's the point of being 1000 deep in the crowd," said the self employed distributor.

The mini tent-city across from the Abbey is constantly busy, and campers said last night was cold. Many have not slept since arriving on account of all the horns and Big Ben.

Christie has enough food for three days, lots of beef jerky and four books. The biggest pests are the reporters who shove microphones in her face in a near constant stream.

Christie has her nails painted with union jacks and maple leafs and a homemade poncho with more maple leafs.

Her husband and children are at home, and her friends are excited for her, she says.

"My husband knows I'm crazy," she said.

A few tents down, Sheree Zielke, an adventure romance novelist from Edmonton, is standing holding a sign advertising that she has no tent.  Her husband is back in the hotel and does not plan to join her. He will bring snacks though, she says.

Zielke arrived Wednesday morning because she knew she had to stake out her place if she wanted to get the best shots.

"Check on me tomorrow, see if I'm smiling," she said.

-Katie Daubs


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