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Royal-masks Royal masks are on sale a the Royal Wedding mechandise shop (Katie Daubs)

LONDON—No one puts Prince Phillip in a corner.

Except for the official Royal Wedding merchandise shop where the Prince Phillip mask, which retails for £4, is the least popular.

In mask form, Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has pursed lips and rather overgrown white eyebrows. Of the royal family masks for sale, his visage is the most difficult to move off the shelves, said the woman in charge of the shop near Buckingham Palace.

Prince William and Kate masks are selling the best, as to be expected.

Martin Churcher, who came up from Brighton, will be wearing his Prince William mask at a street party on Friday.

At the official merchandise trailer, people can spend money on a set of four Will and Kate placemats for £12, a small bear for £9, packs of playing cards and magnets for £2 each, or the official commemorative pen, the cheapest item at £1. If you get one of those, you know where you stand.

--Katie Daubs


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