Has Kate let wedding vows slip?


The photographers were far away, but managed to catch Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive for a wedding rehearsal at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday. (Reuters)

This is almost worthy of a CSI episode.

The scene was Bucklebury, England, where Kate Middleton was in her car and pulling out of her family's driveway on Wednesday morning. Photographers snapped away blindly, eager to get a shot of the bride-to-be in the precious few seconds she would be visible through the windshield.

They got their picture, but in the shot, there is, quite visible in the back seat of the car, a piece of paper sticking out of a yellow bag. On the paper you can make out the words: "With so much love within our hearts."

Clearly, this was not part of a shopping list. And knowing that Kate and Prince William spent part of the day in another wedding rehearsal, it's a good bet these words are part of the self-composed vows the couple with be reciting.

Middleton was accompanied in the car by her assigned bodyguard as they headed for Clarence House, where the Daily Mail reports that she and Prince William met with Dr. John Hall, who will be conducting the service at Westminster Abbey.

Meanwhile, the rest of the royals were scattered around the UK, with the Queen in Cambridge and  Prince Charles in Scotland. At the Goring Hotel, where the Middleton family will be checking in for the wedding, a group of sniffer dogs and the bomb squad were busy searching the area for anything suspicious.


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I'm tired of all this wedding business. The lived together fro years as a married couple, so they had their wedding and their honeymoon. The should just go to a Minister for a blesssing the sign the necessary legal papers. The Queen can then announce they are legally married. Full Stop Let's get on with the economy which needs attentiontion badly

Why are such powerful lenses available to bottom-feeding scum like the paparazzi? If a lens is so powerful that, from nearly a mile away, it can capture handwriting clearly enough to read, then, surely, that sort of technology should be restricted to law-enforcement and the military. Otherwise, it's not only a huge invasion of privacy, but a major security threat in the wrong hands.

Oh PR, you apparently don't realize how a zoom lens is incredibly basic technology. I assume that we'll be banning telescopes soon as well?

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