Insider gambling suspected on the royal wedding

Diana-tiara Princess Diana wears the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara on a visit to India on October 2, 1992. (Toronto Star/File Photo)

It's all fun and games betting 10 dollars here and there on whether or not Kate will walk down the aisle in a yellow dress and a top hat. That's until someone puts thousands of dollars on a tiara and the bookies declare all head gear betting for the big day closed. 

A "well-spoken, middle aged woman" placed a £6,000 ($9,500) bet last week that Kate would wear the Russian Fringe Tiara on the big day, reports the London Telegraph. Her generous offer of cash for odds was declined at the first bookies she entered, fearing she had insider information (especially with that posh accent) but she eventually managed to place a bet at the second Ladbrokes branch.

Click here to see a gallery of the Queen's tiaras.

With odds of 12 to one, the woman is set to make £72,000 ($114,00) if her prediction turns out to be correct.

Alex Donohue, a spokesman for Ladbrokes, told the Telegraph: "As far as we are concerned when that sort of money starts getting thrown around it looks very much like a done deal.

"We usually take bets of £10 or £20 on a 'fun market' like this."

The 180-year-old George III Tiara, also known as the Russian Fringe, has been worn by Queen Victoria, Queen Mar, Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mother. In fact, a then Princess Elizabeth borrowed the tiara from Queen Mary to wear at her wedding.

The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara owned by Princess Diana had been the bookies favourite previous to the tiara loving woman's wager.

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Grow your own wedding cake

The Duchess of Cornwall, also known as Camilla, is set to plant a 'wedding cake tree' in honour of William and Kate's nuptials. No, that doesn't mean she'll be stuffing a slice in her purse at the royal reception and running it down to Wiltshire, where the ceremony is set to take place. A 'wedding cake tree' is actually a giant dogwood whose flowers lacy white layers of flowers give way to purple berries in the late summer. No icing though.

Tweeting the big day

Clarence House Twitter feed and the wedding live streamed on the Royal Channel not enough for you? Well, Westminster Abbey has got into the social media game and plan to tweet the wedding as well. Hopefully: "I just fumbled the vows" and "Kate's yellow dress clashes with my cassock" don't appear on their feed @wabbey.


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Okay, the reason this comment is so far back includes a couple of slow days at work and a recent obsession but the photo of Diana at the top is incorrectly labled. She is wearing the Spencer tiara, not the Cambridge lover's knot tiara.

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