Is Harry's wedding date settled?


Prince Harry will indeed be bringing his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chelsy Davy to the exclusive Royal Wedding reception, a number of websites are reporting.

Chelsy was born in Zimbabwe, where her father, Charles Davy, is a weathly safari operator. Harry and Chelsy became romantically involved in 2004 when Harry was in Africa during a year off after finishing his studies at Eton. 

Chelsy has provided the British tabloids with plenty of fodder over the years, including her father's ties to Robert Mugabe. According to a story in the Independent:

Such wealth has brought persistent questions about its origins. While the number of white farmers in Zimbabwe has dwindled in the past decade from 4,500 to about 350 due to requisitions of Robert Mugabe's government, Mr Davy has stayed in business. This, according to opposition politicians, is because of Mr Davy's business connections with the Zimbabwean president's pernicious regime, in particular his business partner of six years, Webster Shamu, now a senior minister in Mr Mugabe's cabinet. In 2000, Mr Davy bought a joint 50 per cent share of Famba Safari Company, of which Mr Shamu, who appears on the blacklist of Zimbabweans banned from travelling to the European Union, is a director.

Chelsy has also not been shy about her fondness for having a good time on the town

But Chelsy has been less than keen on all the attention she gets from paparazzi. According to a BBC blog:

Posses of paparazzi have stalked her, and schoolmates have said she would get upset when people tried to snap photos of her with their cell phones. ... As things stand, Davy appears less willing than Kate Middleton to accept the “baggage” that comes with being by the side of a British prince. She’s back in the UK, where she has trained as a lawyer — but she always has the option of returning to South Africa.

Harry and Chelsy decided to split up in an 'amicable' way in January 2009, but were spotted together again before the end of that year.

And when Chelsy was invited to Kate Middleton's 'hen' night last month, many saw it as a sign that Chelsy was back in the royal fold. Her appearance at the wedding of Lady Katie Percy in February, along with Kate's sister Pippa, was pointing in a similar direction.

BBC blogger Peter Hunt summed it up this way last month:

On April 29, at Westminster Abbey, the latest development in Harry and Chelsy’s fluctuating relationship will take place.  As well as focusing on the happy couple, commentators will be straining for a sight of Ms. Davy sitting at a pew. ... Only then will we know if Chelsy Davy has become part of Prince Harry’s past, or whether she will continue to play a role in his future.

That question seems to have been answered. For now.

Kate Middleton not master of her domain?

It's no huge surprise that Kate Middleton does not own the katemiddleton.com domain name. Slightly more surprising is that the domain is owned by an Edmonton blogger, who uses the domain to run a fan site for the future bride. 

According to a story in the Edmonton Journal, Greg Kurelak and his partners wanted to be part of the "royal wedding fun - and to find a wider international audience for their blogging." 

"Some guys like to go out and play pool, and some guys like to play on the Internet. We don't need the money. We're just doing it for a lark," he says. ... "The intent is not to exploit. At the end of the day, it's going to be done in a very tasteful way, in a very respectful manner."

The most surprising aspect to this story is the price of the domain name. According to the story, Kurelak and his partners bought it for around $2,000 with less than two weeks to go before the wedding. Is this a sign of Royal Wedding fatigue or a slowing market in the market for domain names?

No pints

Thirsty reception guests hoping to sip a pint of England's finest Friday are going to be disappointed. According to a story in the Daily Mail

It is thought that guests knocking back pints of ale was considered rather unseemly for such a regal affair attended by royals and heads of state from around the world.

Guests will have to make do with a little Pol Roger bubbly.


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