Kate is expecting and the wedding is off ... April Fools

Kate-william Lookalikes of Kate Middleton and Britain's Prince William eat chicken in a fast food restaurant during a media event in London April 1, 2011. (REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth)

April Fools has sprung and with it a deluge of pranks in the British press in honour of the royal wedding.

The Daily Mail broke the news that kate Middleton was expecting (or at least brooding for the patting of little royal feet) with photos of a look-a-like princess eyeing baby wear at London's upscale Mamas & Papas children’s store.

Apparently, the mothering-mood soon fled as the paper also carried photos of a smiling Kate relinquishing her famous style to pour a bottle of champagne into a pint glass while sporting a tie-dye Union Jack shirt, wedding veil and sash reading 'Bride to be' is pink studs.  Kate was later spotted puffing on a cigarette outside with an L-plate stuck to her chest.

The republican leaning Guardian went with a live-blog. "In something of an about turn, the Guardian today pledges its 'full throated support' for the monarchy," the paper said in its online edition.

The blog purported to carry installements of Prince Philip's royal wedding diary (written exclusively for the Guardian) and excerpts from Harry's best man speech:

"MEMO TO SELF: NO TITS JOKES. I've known Wills for as long as I've known myself, all my life really, well actually, when one thinks about it, for my entire life! (PAUSE FOR LAUGHTER)."

At 10:11 a.m. the blog announced that the royal wedding had been cancelled before issuing a "correction" four minutes later that the wedding was still on.

For those not sure if the blog was a joke, the Latin heading was a giveaway: "Sis tranquillus est iocum" translates as "Fret not, it's a joke."

Grazia magazine released images of a sketch of Kate's wedding dress in world exclusive. Turns out the dress was an altered version on Queen Elizabeth II's 1947 wedding gown.

Even BMW was had its own royal gag announcing the release of the Royal Edition M3 in a half page newspaper add. Those interested were told to email Pauline.yorlegg@bmw.co.uk.

Reuters emailed and got this response:

""Thank you for your interest in the BMW M3 Royal Edition. We would be delighted to send you more details about the model if it weren't for the fact that it was an April Fool's joke."


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