Kate's childhood house on the market

With less than a month to go before the big day, it's been announced that Kate Middleton's childhood home is going up for sale, according to a story in the Daily Mail

The semi-detached Victorian villa in the Berkshire village of Bradfield Southend is on the market for £460,000 ($717,000 Canadian) and will be sold at auction in June - just weeks after its former resident marries Prince William.

 The house, which Kate and family lived in until she was 13, was one of the stops on the Kate Middleton Country excursion by Mortons Travel during February.


The Associated Press recently interviewed some celebrity lawyers, most of whom thought that William and Kate should definitely have a prenuptial agreement. The story cites the rather shaky history of royal marriages in recent years, including William's own father.

One need look no further than the very ugly — and public — split between William’s parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The prince’s former financial adviser, Geoffrey Bignell, told Britain’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper in 2004 that Diana “took him to the cleaners,” and claimed that Charles handed over his entire personal fortune — widely reported to be more than 17 million pounds ($27 million U.S. today) — when their marriage ended after 15 years in 1996.

But celebrity divorce lawyer Raymond Tooth isn't so sure. He points out that William and Kate have known each other for years now so won't be at the same risk for divorce. He also thinks  that if there were a deal, we'd know about it by now.

It would have leaked out if there was one ... Nothing is secret anymore.

The stag party

The Sun is reporting details of William's stag party. In what sounds like a pretty low-key weekend, William, Harry and some friends spent the weekend skeet shooting, drinking vintage port (in that order, one can only hope) and surfing.

One of the drinking games involved having the name of a celebrity written on a post-it note that is then put on your forehead. You 'pay' for questions by drinking, until you can guess the name.

The source added: "Apparently the boys had written The Queen on William's post-it note. "It took him several questions before he worked out why everyone was laughing."

According to an ABC News story, there were no strippers at the event.

"Clarence House are very quick to insist that absolutely nobody externally came in to the stag party. I think that's their way of saying there were no strippers or burlesque dancers."

Long-term forecast

This just in: The weather in London for the Royal Wedding is going to be fine. This according to Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction Long Range forecasters:

(Skip ahead to about 3:20 to get right to the April 29 forecast.)

And how does one make precise forecasts a month in advance, yoy may ask? Here's the answer, from the early part of the video:

Our March forecast using solar-lunar action technique number 6a procedure has gone extremely well. This was brought about after some errors in our England forecast for February, which turned out to be milder than expected. We now understand a lot of the reasons why.

Any questions?


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