Piers Morgan's Monarchist genes

In Royal Wedding celebrity spotting news, Piers Morgan, CNN host and former British tabloid editor, was being interviewed under a tree in Green Park on Wednesday.

The Star was there to eavesdrop.

Among the gossipy nuggets Morgan dropped: the Queen is “funny but steely,” the Queen Mum died with an overdraft because no one dared ask her for money, and, the royals we "still love" are the ones who never talk.

Morgan also said the rain won’t be so bad because there might be a “Gone with the Wind” moment where Prince William throws Kate into his arms and kisses her.

“I had no idea I had so many fans in England,” Morgan said after the interview wrapped and he spotted the lurkers.

After being chased down, rather awkwardly, by the Star, Morgan offered up one exclusive tidbit.

“Diana married Charles in 1981 and my mother put a little tent up in the mall and she camped overnight for that wedding, with my sister.

That’s the kind of family I come from — big monarchists,” he said.

-Katie Daubs


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