Royal gossip can be full of beans

The closer the wedding gets, the hotter the guessing games. Nobody can say anything is 100 per cent for-sure, but repeat it enough times and it starts to take on an air of authenticity, however outlandish.

So, here are a few for today:

-- Just when you’ve had enough of the wedding dress drama, along comes the idea that Kate has not one, not two, but three dresses waiting in the wings. That’s just in case someone spoils the surprise and she can toss on another one. Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen is still the best bet for designer of the day, but the Daily Mail is reporting that two other dresses by different designers have been commissioned. (Of course, that’s what any normal bride would do, right?) Jasper Conran, who designed the wedding dress for Lady Sarah Chatto in 1994, is thought to be in the mix.

-- The Star (not this one … the U.S. tabloid magazine) claims Kate is already pregnant and that they’ll tell the world about it once they get back from their honeymoon. This tasty bit of gossip spread like wildfire, but with dubious tones. According to their unnamed source: ““Kate had originally been nervous about having morning sickness on the wedding day, but in the end she decided not to put it off, to just leave it up to fate.” A palace spokeperson shot back that the rumours are untrue and “absurd.” So lets put that one to bed, for a while at least.

-- This tidbit comes third-hand, but sounds about right: Kate will keep her locks long, flowing and down for the wedding. The Daily Mail reports that Richard Ward, Kate’s regular hairdresser, told fellow stylist Sinead Kelly that her hair will “100 per cent be down and flowy.” James Pryce, who works in Ward’s salon and did her hair for the official engagement photos, has been pegged to tend to Kate’s hair on the big day.

-- This report is absolutely true. Also absolutely irrelevant, but what the heck: Wesley Hosie stuck his hand into a jar at The Jelly Bean Factory in Dublin and pulled out a bean that bears a striking resemblance to Guess Who? Slightly blotchy, disturbingly orange, but yes, if you squint a little, there’s definitely a little bit of Kate in there (judge for yourself below). Having found this candy gem, Hosie wasn’t about to pop her into his mouth. No, this little confection is headed for eBay, where Hosie hopes some collector will ante up 500 pounds ($786 Canadian). Anyone hungry?






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