Royal wedding goes a bit X Factor

It was all doom and gloom for X Factor when the royal wedding was announced and the TV show's producers realized the royals' big day would clash with Simon Cowell's big helicopter entrance into a crowd of auditioning X Factor hopefuls.

But any berating of wedding planners by Cowell's cronies has passed, and now one of X Factor's own has been hired to help produce the live streaming of the world's soon-to-be most watched wedding.

The shows stage manager, Diccon Ramsay, 27, has been booked to co-ordinate the royal wedding show.

And the similarities to reality TV don't stop there.

Eager to never wander from the reactions of emotional royal family members, tired dignitaries and posing celebrities, fly-on-the-wall cameras used in shows like Big Brother are expected to be scattered amongst the wedding flowers.

In fact, hundreds of cameras will be in place for the big day, including a selection of 'fish eye' cameras, used on X Factor, to provide the wide angles we normally associate with emotionally wrought out of tune serenades, as well as a number of high definition cameras for HD viewers.

Shane With 2 billion viewers expected, broadcasters are doing all they can to ensure nothing goes wrong on the big day.  The BBC has been practising filming in Westminster Abbey all week while body doubles of Kate and William are being used to ensure the cameras miss no angle on the big day.

Wedding flowers selected

London-based floral designer Shane Connolly (right) has been selected by the Windsors to provide flowers for the wedding in both Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Connolly is a recent family favourite of  the royals providing the bouquets and other leafy features at Charles' wedding to Camilla in 2005.

Known for his eco-friendly approach in his foliage-filled installations, Connolly is expected to include a variety of native British flowers including azaleas, rhododendron, euphorbias, wisteria and lilac.

He's also going to throw some trees into the mix with eight 20 foot-high Maple and Hornbeam beasts complete with planters being hauled into the Abbey, possibly with cameramen running after them, trying to bung lenses into their leafs for the perfect overhead shot.

The trees will be donated and replanted after the ceremony. No word on the cameras.


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