Royals split down the middle


Poor Nuie.

The tiny Pacific island nation issued royal commemorative stamps of William and Kate that are giving the member of the Commonwealth some bad PR.

The distinguishing characteristic of the stamp is that it is actually two stamps with one image. The picture of the couple is split down the middle with with perforations, causing both chuckles and consternation among royal watchers.

On one side is the Kate stamp that is worth $2.40 (about $1.78 Canadian) while William is worth $3.40.


Hugh Jefferies, Editor of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, told the Daily Mail that the stamp is "embarrassing" and badly designed. "Whoever designed this will have egg on their face and someone's head will roll."

Ivor Masters, the general manager of stamps and coins at New Zealand Post, which designed and printed the stamps, told TV3 in New Zealand on Tuesday that the design had been approved Queen Elizabeth II.

AP reports that Masters describes the design as innovative and that the stamps were collectors items, so it was very unlikely they would be torn apart for postage.

Niue is about 2,800 kilometres northeast of New Zealand, which had an embarrassing stamp goof in March when it recalled more than  2,000 Royal Wedding stamp collection packets that had incorrect birth date for William. The error was called "regrettable and embarrassing."

The royal couple will be circling post offices around the world. There are royal wedding stamps for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jersey, St. Kitts, Isle of Man, Micronesia, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Antigua, Grenada, St Vincent, Nevis and Mustique.

People have been licking the back of Prince William for quite a while. Stamps were also issued to honour his birth and his 21st birthday.




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