Take a 'paws' from the royal wedding


Do you find yourself clicking over to YouTube videos of fuzzy kittens to calm your rage whenever another inane royal wedding story displays it self on your monitor?

Now you can have the kittens without the rise in blood pressure.

A website blocker, available at www.weddinglbock.co.uk, has been designed to cover any news that contains the words "royal wedding" or "Kate Middleton" with pictures of fuzzy cats.


"Because I don't know the happy couple, won't be attending and don't really want to read any more about the whole thing, thanks. Good luck to them etc.," the website explains.

Which do you prefer: the royal wedding or cute kittens?

If you went for the cats ....

Canadian cashes in on wedding apathy

Tea drinkers tired of the number of events that have usurped their favourite beverage to honour the royal wedding around town can now fight back with their very own royal wedding apathy mug.

The white mug with red lettering and faux royal seal reads: "I couldn't care less about the royal wedding" with the footnote "Sorry but...we're just being honest" printed on the bottom.

For sale on entrepreneur and ceramic aficionado Camila Prada's website for her company, "Sorry But", the $24.80 mugs brought $16,000 into Prada's Paypal account in one week.

"I made this mug for myself but then I realized a lot of other people might like it too. For one reason in particular: relentless media coverage.

"The mug says: SORRY BUT… to the media, not the Royal couple themselves. To wish someone ill on their Wedding day would be a bit mean and not my style or intention," it reads on Prada's blog.

The 34-year-old Canadian lives in England where she manufactures her products.


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What nauseates me is Heather Mallick's blabbering about the importance of encouraging girls to be "princesses" and telling them that they are pretty, good, and kind. She celebrates the superficiality of caring about appearances and fashion -- as if that were anything worth celebrating. Also, the headline identifies a modern, commoner princess as someone "smart, with heart."

I'm sick of women buying into this "being-good" nonsense. What's good about wasting inordinate amounts of time and money on your appearance and needing attention so badly that you'll spend most of your life showing off to people how "good" and "compassionate" you're being?

You can have the smarts to survive without lavishing all your attention on how you look, dressing and behaving to impress other women (as if it's a competition), and you can do good in the world in whatever big or small way you like without trying to getting people to notice how "good" you're being.

If I'd ever had a daughter, I'd have been more interested in seeing that she learned right from wrong; developed a conscience so that she'd always admit it when she'd made a mistake; and learned not to care too much about whether she fit in with other people, just as long as she could be true to herself. I'd like to think I wouldn't have wasted time instilling some ridiculous instinct in her that fed on some deep-seated insecurity of mine, so that she'd spend her life competing with other females to see who can be the prettiest, best-dressed or the "nicest."

But I never had children, because there are plenty of others doing their share in that department. I don't believe in overpopulation.

The royal wedding? A giant waste of anyone's time.The royal family should have been done away with long ago.

Cute kittens are definitely better than the sort of drivel this celebrity-mania inspires, be it Mallick or any of the other rapt gawkers endlessly reporting away on it.

Cute Kittens or the Royal Wedding? Is this a serious question? Tiggy will always win.

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