TV reporters become the attraction at Buckingham Palace

Green-park Satellite trucks and dishes form part of the media camp in Green Park, close to Buckingham Palace on April 26, 2011 in London, England. (Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

LONDON—At Buckingham Palace, the television reporters stationed in Green Park are a big attraction.
It's a veritable game of who's who as royal watchers with nothing much to watch until the big day snap photos of the backs of people who might be Tom Brokaw.

"I think that's him on the second floor, sitting down," said Leila Mayra, a student from Texas who is in town for the wedding. "I tried to zoom in with my camera but I can't tell."

The setup is a bit like Hollywood Squares, with various stations boxed off in compartments across from the palace.

The potential Brokaw was revealed to be a false sighting, as a "younger guy" turned around a few minutes later.

"That woman with the big pink hat, she must be important," said Sheila Dixon, as she and Ann Dennison, down from Middleborough for a day, took photos of the lower half of the media stations.

Earlier in the day, the two ladies had been close to Westminster Abbey when there was another sighting of someone who seemed significant.

"Where we were, there was a landau, whether the couple was from Sweden, they're obviously someone important," Dixon said.

Along the mall, a man dressed in a maroon outfit not unlike a Tim Hortons uniform circa 2000, was drawing subtle glances from people, on account of his regal air.

So if you dress grandly and enjoy attention, hop on a plane to London, as any number of people will snap your photo on the off chance you are someone famous.

-Katie Daubs


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