What to do with all those journalists?

London is preparing for an onslaught of journalists who will be covering the Royal Wedding. A story in The Guardian reports that there could be as many as 8,000, not surprising for what is shaping up to be the the biggest television event in history.

As the Guardian reports, media companies are on the hunt for spaces with a good view of the action.

Any suitable vantage points are being snapped up or put up for auction. According to one locations company, various spots in commercial buildings with a good view of the abbey are being bartered to broadcasters and photographers for high sums – some in the region of £120,000.

Presumably these mind-boggling sums will easily be paid for with the advertising revenue the networks are expecting. 

...one CNN source tells MediaGuardian, that advertisers were booking slots within seconds of the chosen date being announced.

With the media frenzy over April 29, some may be wondering whether there will be anything on TV OTHER than the royal wedding. Fear not; Advertising Age notes that, unlike 1981 when Charles and Diana got married, there are plenty of TV options.

For disinterested commoners, the good news is that there are alternatives that didn't exist in 1981. Sure, the Weather Channel is sending Al Roker to London and Food Network is planning a "Royal Icing" weekend on April 23 and 24, but Cartoon Network, Syfy, Discovery and the Cooking Channel have confirmed that they will provide safe zones for anyone fleeing the monarchy. The nuptials probably wouldn't have tempted ESPN much anyway, but the royal couple also scheduled the ceremony for the weekend of the NFL Draft.

Royal Wedding App

A Reuters story today informs us that the first official Royal Wedding app is on its way. 

The app, which will be available to download for Apple and Android users from April 18 at a price of 1.79 pounds (about $2.80 Canadian), is the latest foray into the digital world by the royal family, following on from the launch of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

No mention yet on the official Royal Wedding site, but Reuters reports that the app will feature details of seven royal weddings, including the Charles and Diana nuptials and Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert. (If you're fuzzy on Royal lineage, our interactive family tree is here. If you fancy yourself a bit of an expert, try out our Royal quiz, here.)



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