William and Kate film: Not a pretty sight

Some in the British press are weighing in on the upcoming film, William and Kate, and it doesn't look promising. (The reviews are likely to be more entertaining than the film.)

2011-03-16T215852Z_01_LAB04_RTRMDNP_3_BRITAIN-WEDDINGJust the latest in a long line of films about royalty, it casts Camilla Luddington as Kate and Nico Evers-Swindell as William. 

The Guardian takes issue with, among other things, the fact that the film was shot in Los Angeles, which is not exactly a dead ringer for London or St Andrews.

Perhaps the PR handout gives it away: "Shot entirely in Los Angeles and inspired by true events." That might account for the mountains in the backdrop to a pheasant shoot in Gloucestershire, buses driving on the right in London, the Middletons' modern house transformed into a Californian Tudor mansion and the famous dragon boat race training that Kate Middleton once undertook on the Thames at Chiswick being transposed to the High Sierra.

(That might be a little of the notorious L.A. smog in the background of the picture at right.)

The Mirror was no more complimentary.

It might not be the worst film ever made -- but it’s certainly within striking distance.Will And Kate: The Movie takes the romance of the century and turns it into a cheap, shonky and unintentionally hilarious filmus horribilus.


From a scene where Will grabs a microphone to croon to Kate in a karaoke bar to the fact nobody in the film looks anything like the real thing, this is the Battlefield Earth of biopics.

Ouch. Then again, what do you expect from a film that was put together in a few months with a budget of $4.5M. You're not going to get Hellen Mirren with that budget.

The London Evening Standard is a little more generous. Richard Godwin praises the producers for getting the film together in such short order.

It is hard to pick a favourite scene. Is it the fashion show ("Is that Kate? She's hot")? Wills karaoke-ing Kate into forgiving him? If it had to be one, it would be where Kate leaps from her dragon boat, front-crawls over to the watching Wills and gives him a big snog. This may be made for the US, but the English will cherish it in ways its makers could scarcely have envisaged.

Too generous? Here's the official DVD trailer:

In the Guardian's Film Blog, Stuart Heritage imagines the cast you could get with a less limited budget.

So let's get straight down to it. Prince William himself is a decidedly tricky character to pin down. The obvious choice would be Nicolas Cage, but that's based exclusively on his hairline and the British accent he briefly attempted halfway through National Treasure 2. In terms of age and general demeanour, he should probably be struck off the list. Perhaps someone such as Robert Pattinson or Andrew Garfield would be more suitable. As for who'd play Kate, in terms of looks, age and convincingly appearing to be a bland young woman trapped in an all-powerful system that she's powerless to fight against, she can only really be played by Katie Holmes.

Lady Gaga would be proud

You just had to know that someone would put the tale of the royal romance into music.

The other guys The Other Guys, an 11-member a capella group from the couple's alma mater, St. Andrews, takes liberties with Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' to tell the story of Wills and Kate. Shot all around St. Andrews, the video has already topped 110,000 hits after less than a week on YouTube.

Complete with a Kate lookalike, the song's lyrics include this catchy verse: ""Walk, walk, fashion baby, she's a regal catwalk lady, walk, walk, fashion baby, see-through dresses drive me crazy."

Kate's last single night

We learned recently that Kate Middleton will spend her last night as a single woman at London's Goring Hotel, a little ways from Buckingham Palace. According to The Sun, the Royal Suite was given a $235,000 renovation in preparation for the big night. (Here's the schedule for wedding day.)

The Queen offered Kate an apartment in nearby Buckingham Palace. But she is understood to have been keen to stay in a "neutral" environment.

The paper has some exclusive photos of the decadent digs.


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