Another movie version of royal romance on the way

American actor Dan Amboyer (previously seen in 'Law & Order) and British actress Alice St. Clair (her first film) do their William and Kate impressions for new TV movie.

They’ve just passed their one-month wedding anniversary and they already have two movies made about them.

At this rate, the TV gods might want to consider turning the story of Prince William and Kate Middleton into a weekly series. (Heck, it worked for Lucy and Desi.)

The latest version of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge love story – ‘William & Kate: A Royal Love Story’ – began filming immediately after the wedding and is rushing toward completion. It is expected on the Hallmark channel in the U.S. Aug. 27 (stayed tuned for Canadian details).

One can only hope that this version is better than the Lifetime movie that debuted just before the nuptials.

American director Linda Yellen is familiar with royal romances, having been the producer of the CBS TV movie ‘The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana’ in 1982.

Jane alexander Alice St. Clair and Dan Amboyer play the principal characters, both relative newcomers. Canadian content comes via Victor Garber, who plays Prince Charles. Jean Smart, best remembered for the sitcom ‘Designing Women,’ is Camilla while movie veteran Jane Alexander (right) is Queen Elizabeth.

In contrast to the first movie about the couple, Yellen says the story is not just a romance, but “a psychological story of the memory of the mother, in this case Princess Diana, and her legacy."

She told Associated Press she wrote the script in two weeks, just after William the engagement announcement. "The whole story came to me in that moment," she said.

That means there’ll be healthy dose of fiction entwined with fact, but that’s okay with Amboyer.

“The script is smart, is fun, there is real wit between them,” he said. “It's not at all schmaltzy."



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