Church not amused by video spoofing royal wedding


It appears the Church of England does not have much of a sense of humour.

When T-Mobile decided to spoof the royal wedding with a mock music video, they rented a church in London, then hired a bunch of royal family lookalikes. They threw in the song ‘House of Love’ by East 17, a little dancing, and the inspired bit of marketing resulted in a YouTube hit that has surpassed 21 million views.

The church received about $5,500 for supplying the setting for the video.

But not everyone saw it as a nice bit of fun. A cleric complained to the Archdeacon of London about the “embarrassing” video, according to the Daily Mail. It was then suggested that the penance should be the donation of the church fee to one of Prince William’s charities.

“I think it is a sense-of-humour failure,” said Rev. Dr. Martin Dudley, who gave permission for St Bartholomew the Great church to be used in the video. “I wasn’t there at the filming of it but I thought the video was tremendously amusing and was just creating a sense of joy around the wedding.”

A spokesman for the Archdeacon told the Mail that a contribution to the prince’s charities would be a “nice gesture,” and the church would be happy to give Dr. Dudley “advice and guidance” the next time there was request to use his church in similar circumstances.

Dr. Dudley said the money is earmarked for charity work within the parish.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Dudley has run afoul of the church hierarchy. In 2008 he was chastised for presiding over a gay marriage between two priests.

Gambers rejoice

The royal wedding turned out to be a sweet day for gamblers, with many of the favourites coming through on the big day. For example, Irish betting site Paddy Power had the following favourites, among the things users could bet on.

Colour of Kate's dress: Ivory at 4/6. Bingo.
Colour of hat the Queen will wear: Yellow at 4/1. Bingo.

Gambling Online Magazine points out that there was some good news for book makers:

Bookies did however manage to save an estimated £24,000 as Prince Phillip managed to remain awake throughout the ceremony – his odds were significantly slashed from 40/1 to 8/1 in the final days to the wedding. Bookies also didn’t have to pay out 6/1 odds on Kate Middleton leaving her Prince waiting for more than twelve minutes, as she was only a 20 seconds behind schedule.

Anyway, this is all ancient history. It's time for lucky gamblers to look ahead to the Royals' future. As expected, Paddy Power has a whole range of things you can bet on right now. For example, when will William and Kate have their first child? (Odds are 10/1 that it's this year. Time is running out, after all.)

Or who will be the next British monarch? Prince Charles is at 8/11, William at even, Harry at 8/1 and 'Any Other' at 50/1.




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