Harry's pocketful of miracles (and worms)

The official wedding photograph has a special visitor, courtesy of Eliza Lopes and Prince Harry.

In the flurry of excitement around the royal wedding, no one really noticed little Eliza Lopes and her little red friend.

But take a close look at the official wedding photo taken in Buckingham Palace, just before photos of the first Kate-William kiss stole the world's front pages.

The 3-year-old granddaughter of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is holding a red "wiggly worm," one of those spongy little playthings meant to amuse children.

It did the job. And it's all thanks to Prince Harry.

“'Did you see the wiggly worm? That was the funniest thing. I can't believe no one has spotted it," Camilla said while appearing at an event this week in her role as patron of The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust.

“I was so worried about Eliza. She is such a lovely little thing and looked so gorgeous in her dress but it was a very big occasion for a child of her age."

Apparently, the Duchess explained, Harry pulled the rubber worm from his pocket while travelling with the understandably nervous young bridesmaids in the open carriage on the way back to the Palace.

"Eliza loved it so much that she wouldn't let go and it even made the official photographs," said Camilla. "Can you believe it? She was holding onto my finger but in her other hand was this worm.

“I was so proud of her, she looked adorable in her dress and couldn't stop twirling around in it. It was such a lovely, lovely day.”

It's a lovely story, too.

Just one question: What the heck was Harry -- dressed in his military finest at this grand occasion -- doing with a buck-fifty wiggly worm in his pocket?

Always a practical joker, one wonders where the worm might have ended up if not for the stubborness of Eliza to keep it clutched safely in her own hands.



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Oh pheaw! M'lord! Ow can a lil sweet royal princess hold such common trash? Did not security ave a look? Do we not ave betta things to shew? The family medals hung properly on the chests of our brave, but can there be no focus upon them? They were awmost earned ya now!

Dennis Regan, as Sheen would say you are winning! Great comment!

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