How to build the perfect Pippa

Since the royal wedding thrust Pippa Middleton's backside into the spotlight, speculation has been rife over just how the figure straining through her Sarah Burton dress got so lovely.  Pippa-middleton

Genes? A healthy diet? A rigorous exercise regime running away from the paparazzi?

No, turns out it was Pilates.

The party planning sister of a Dutchess has been attending weekly sessions at the Parson’s Green fitness centre near to her home in London. Confirmed by a recent testimonial written by the well-toned Middleton on the centre's website.

"As someone who is always 'on the go’, Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London," Middleton wrote.

"Whether it’s 7am in the morning or 7pm at night I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated. Over the past few months I have noticed a huge difference in my core strength and posture and couldn’t recommend Margot more highly as an instructor.

"From breathing techniques, muscle toning to overall flexibility and relaxation, my Pilates sessions have become something of a weekly necessity that keeps me fit, happy and energized."

Que the rush on Pilates equipment.

Pippa has sparked a wave in the U.K. of women trying to recreate her look.

The British department store Debenhams reported that on the afternoon of the royal wedding fake tan sales were up 219% compared with the same day last year.

"You simply can't underestimate the impact that Kate and Pippa will have on the beauty industry," Sara Stern, beauty director at Debenhams told Sky News.

"Already streams of wannabe princesses have been flooding into our stores looking to achieve their healthy, groomed look."

But it seems many Brits are looking to go further than grooming to mimic the revered posterior of Pippa.

Since Middleton acted as maid of honour cosmetic surgeons in the U.K. have seen a 60 per cent increase in the number of people asking for butt-lifting procedures, reports the Daily Star.

A cosmetic surgery clinic even offer a $12,000 package called "The Pip Package Perfect Posterior," reports the paper.


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