Kate's hot dress quickly becomes an extinct species

A buying frenzy followed this appearance by the Duchess of Cambridge as she met the Obamas.

If the newest royal decided to wear a dress made of paper, one wonders if entire forests would disappear.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has once again proven she is the Pied Piper of style, turning a 20-minute photo-op with the visiting Obamas on Tuesday into a web-crashing sales boon for the clothing retailer Reiss.

By Wednesday afternoon, the company's available stock in Kate's beige Shola dress in both their U.S. and the UK stores had dwindled to a precious few. A company spokesperson told the Daily Mirror that "at this time there are no plans to reissue the Reiss Shola dress."

Substitute With the outfit entering the extinct category, Reiss is offering "Shola Substitute" dresses via their online store (right photo).

During the brief meet-and-greet Tuesday with the U.S. president and first lady, Kate chose to wear the $275 dress from Reiss, a UK-based fashion retailer that  has 65 stores worldwide (none in Canada).

Within two minutes of Kate's picture being flashed across news websites, 20 Shola dresses were sold online, a company representative told the Daily Mail. Not long after, traffic to the Reiss online site had increased more than 300 per cent, causing it to crash. It came back a few hours later, only to crash again. (It was back up Wednesday, but still experiencing some slowness).

On the company Twitter page was the message: "Oooops! Website has crashed again, you guys are obviously very determined to get your hands on this dress! Bear with us..."

“The dress is flying off the shelves in stores in both the UK and the U.S.,” a spokesperson for Reiss told RadarOnline.com. At the Reiss store in Beverly Hills, sales of the dress “exploded,” according to Anthony Conley, a sales associate. “I came into the store this morning and they all sold out. It was the same when she wore the white dress for the engagement. Definitely a lot of people want to see what she wears and dress like Kate."

To complete her outfit, the new Duchess carried a black Maud clutch bag from Anya Hindmarch Bespoke and shoes from LK Bennett, another London store.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama wore a Barbara Tfank-designed silk dress, which goes for about $2,200.


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My goodness, this girl needs to eat something! She is skin and bones! It made me shutter when I saw this picture. She has no hips, no shape at all. The dress doesn't even fit her that nicely, it's all baggy. Her legs look like twigs. Am I the only one who thinks she has an eating disorder?

maybe I'm an idiot, but the dress in the picture looks nothing like the dress Kate is wearing.

Kate looks positively anorexic...and she just married into the Royal family. Wonder how skinny she'll be in a year or two?

Obama wears a dress 4x the price of Kate's. The last time i heard, the American dollar is garbage and the whole country is in disrepair in mortgage flaws and Tornado attacks. Moron!

Anyone recognize Prince W's tie?

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