Kate's childhood home could be yours

Step right up, folks, and grab a one-of-a-kind, slightly used piece of royal history.

Kate house Yes, it’s your own royal home … sort of. And it’s only $780,000, give or take.

The property in question is Kate Middleton’s childhood home, long before she became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate lived in this four-bedroom, semi-detached Berkshire home for the first 13 years of her life before moving to grander digs in 1995, when the family business Party Pieces took off. The Middletons, Carole and Mike, bought it in 1979 for about a tenth of its auction price today. They sold it in 1995 for about $250,000.

Kate bedroom The Victorian-style house, 1,380 square feet, sits on quarter-acre lot about five kilometers from the village of Bucklebury.

Dudley Singleton, the selling agent, admits to using the Middleton name to sell the house  “I’d be mad not to,” he told the Daily Mail -- but it’s clear he has had a soft spot for the family for many years.

“They’re a very pleasant family indeed,” he said. “Michael’s the family rock who sorts things out. Carole’s vivacious and attractive, but I think Kate took more after her father. Pippa’s the more, well, commercial one . . . Anyway, this was a Kate living room playroom-cum-living-room when they were here.’

If not sold privately, the home goes on the auction block June 3.

It won’t be quite like Balmoral going under the gavel, but as close as the commoner crowd is going to get.


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