Middletons ready to fight back over photos, says report

The Middleton family is getting a hefty dose of old-fashioned tabloid journalism these days, with embarrassing photos of Pippa and James floating around the web as well as 5-year-old pictures of the bikini-clad family on vacation with Prince William.

Middletons The Guardian is reporting that the Middletons will "very likely" be contacting the UK's Press Complaints Commission, in particular about the vacation photos which were published on the weekend by the Mail on Sunday.

The freelance photos from show the Middleton family and Prince Wiliam swimming and sunbathing while on a yacht off the island of Ibiza in the Mediterraean. Some of these photos had surfaced before, but obviously others were held in reserve and have been sprung on the world just as the appetite for the new royal couple is soaring.

The heart of the issue revolves around the PPC's code of ethics which states that individuals have "a reasonable expectation of privacy."

The party pictures of Pippa and James in various stages of undress has the Middleton family even more upset, since they obviously came from people who might have been regarded as friends or acquaintances and were sold to U.S. websites.

The Telegraph reports that, under pressure from the family, the images are no longer in circulation, though that doesn't mean much in

the world of the web where downloads are viral.

"The images were withdrawn from the entire market," John Camarillo of Zuma Press told the paper. "They were only on the market for a few days. They got too popular and that's why they were withdrawn."

The paper quotes a family friend as saying the family is furious at this "betrayal" of their privacy.

The Middletons are well aware they are now living in a fishbowl and, in fact, had expressed their apprehension about it in past interviews. Earlier this year, the family had unofficially talked to the PCC about being followed by photographers.

No one has felt that more in the past few weeks than Pippa, Kate's 27-year-old sister and maid of honour. Her model good looks have made her a target for much media attention.

Vivid Entertainment, the U.S.-based adult film company, has gotten into the act by offering her $5 million for "just one explicit scene." Her brother James was also offered $1 million for a separate scene.

The joys of knowing royalty knows no bounds.








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