Royal beach invasion thwarted

North Island
A swimmer explores the waters around the North Island resort in the Seychelles,where Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have been honeymooning. Visitors are not welcome, as one couple discovered. (Wilderness Safaris).

When Prince William and his new bride Kate said they wanted some privacy on their honeymoon, they apparently meant it.

An island-hopping Austrian couple found that out the hard way, according to the story they told Heute newspaper.

Martin Ernstbrunner, 36, and his girlfriend Tracy were on their catamaran in the Seychelles when they eyed an inviting beach on one of the country’s 115 islands and decided to check it out.

Just as their boat hit the sand, they were swarmed by security people and quickly launched back to sea.

"It just shows you that no matter how far you go, how much you pay and how good the security is - you just can't stop a German-speaking holidaymaker from trying to put his towel on your sun bed," Tracy told the newspaper.

Seems very likely that the adventurers had stumbled upon North Island, the 11-villa ultra-private, super luxurious resort where William and Kate have been honeymooning.

London’s Daily Star is reporting that among the delights William is enjoying is kite surfing, a sort of extreme version of windsurfing. Kate, the story goes, prefers to stick to sunbathing.

The bill for this getaway is reportedly to top $700,000.


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