The Beast comes to the Palace


If you thought security around the royal wedding and the Queen in Ireland was impressive, let us introduce you to the Barack Obama road show to the UK.

The U.S. president three-day visit to the UK started Monday in Ireland. He heads to London on Tuesday for lunch and dinner with Queen Elizabeth, then has a full day with politicians on Wednesday before hosting a dinner for the Queen at the home of the U.S. ambassador.

The Daily Mail reports that Obama’s entourage will include a six-doctor medical team, personal chefs and more than 200 secret service agents. 

For getting around, don’t expect any open-air landaus. Security is job one, and the U.S. is leaving nothing to chance. Amongst all the luggage is the President’s Cadillac limo, appropriately named ‘The Beast.’

This 2009 Caddy is equipped with:

- Military-grade body at least five-inches thick

- Pump action shotguns and tear gas cannons.

- Bottles of President’s blood in case transfusion needed

- Oxygen and firefighting system in trunk

- Reinforced steel under car to protect against bombs

- Tires reinforced with Kevlar

- Armour-plated doors eight inches thick

- Three-inch thick bullet-proof windows

Obama and his wife Michelle will be staying at Buckingham Palace’s Belgian Suite during their stay. Reports are that U.S. security officials asked that they be allowed to install their own double-glazed glass over the windows in the room.

“We like to think that our security measures would suffice, but if the President of the United States wants his own windows, then that is what he will have,” a Palace source told the Mail.

Seychelles: A parting gift

When William and Kate landed back in the UK following their 10-day honeymoon in the Seychelles, they had something extra in their luggage.

Coco de mer It’s called the Coco de Mer (right), a coconut that is rare, exotic … and is renowned for looking like a women’s buttocks.

The nut was presented to the couple as they were leaving by the island country’s foreign minister, according to the Daily Mirror.

The Mail's headline writers couldn't resist a reference to Kate's sister Pippa in writing around the odd-shaped gift: "Prince William and Kate Middleton give a rare giant aphrodisiac shaped like Pippa Middleton's bum as honeymoon gift."

As for their $6,000-plus a night stay in a North Island villa, the royal couple had a ``magical`` time and even socialized with other resort guests.

“They were certainly not aloof –- far from it," one islander told the Mirror. "They seemed relaxed and were happy to chat to other guests. They looked like a couple very much in love.”


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Ireland is not part of the UK. Get your facts straight.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Not the Republic, also known as the South.

Many of us in the UK and Ireland have great respect for Obama and are delighted to have him here.

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