Arnold is out, but Pippa is very in

Seyi Obakin, left, CEO of homeless charity Centrepoint, joins Prince William as the royal spent a night sleeping in the cold in 2009. William has been patron of the charity since 2005. William may be making a visit to Skid Row while visiting Los Angeles in July. (AP)

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to meet Kate and William on the California leg of their North American tour have been terminated.

The former governor had been angling for a meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ever since their trip to the west coast was announced. But that was before the Terminator revealed that he fathered a child via a former member of his household staff.

A source told the New York Post that there had been discussions around a meeting between Schwarzenegger and the royals at the home of the British consul-general, but “the plan has been abandoned.”

The Schwarzenegger camp – what there is left of it – denies a meeting was ever discussed.

The Palace has been quick to point out that this three-day visit to California following a 10-day Canadian tour (June 30-July 8) is not about meeting Hollywood types, but rather to highlight the Prince’s charities.

The London Daily Star, citing a CBS report, said the couple will be visiting the Skid Row area in Los Angeles, which is as dangerous as it is poor. The prince is a supporter of a charity for the homeless in London, Centrepoint, since 2005, taking up a cause that was once championed by his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Jeans firm pitching for Pippa?

It’s already established that Pippa Middleton looks good in whatever she wears.

Pippa jeans So good, in fact, that there is speculation that Hudson Jeans is making a play for her to endorse their product, which she already wears quite regularly (right).

The current face of Hudson Jeans is Mick Jagger’s daughter, Georgia May (below), but the Daily Mail reports that public relations people with Hudson have been quick to distribute pix of Pippa wearing their jeans.

Kate, it should be pointed, also has been spotted in Hudson Jeans, but if landing Pippa is a longshot, landing the Duchess of Cambridge would be, well, impossible.

Georgia may



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