Diana at 50: What would she be like?

Princess Diana would have turned 50 on July 1, the same day her son and his new bride will be helping Canada celebrate its own birthday.

Diana The Princess of Wales was only 36 when she died in 1997, still a young woman who, for many, had a ‘forever young’ kind of quality. In the years since, her status as the princess of the people has only grown.

What would she be like if she was alive today?

Tina Brown, who wrote a biography of Diana and is currently editor-in- chief of Newsweek and the The Daily Beast, has taken up the question in the latest issue of Newsweek.

The magazine cover alone will prompt some debate, digitally generated to produce an errie image of an older Diana with Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Inside, Brown takes a stab as how Diana might be approaching things today:

On fashion: “Diana would have gone the J.Crew and Galliano route à la Michelle Obama, always knowing how to mix the casual with the glam. There is no doubt she would have kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare arms buff from the gym.”

On Kate: “Pleased, yes. But, like (Diana’s mother) Frances Shand Kydd—who, days before Diana’s wedding, suddenly burst out, “I have good long legs, like my daughter”—Diana would have had to adjust to a broadening of the limelight.”

On her last love interest, Dodi Al-Fayed: “Always so professional herself, she would have soon grown exasperated with Dodi Al-Fayed’s hopeless unreliability. After the breakup I see her moving to her favorite city, New York.”

On Prince Charles: “I believe her best male friend in later years would have been, poignantly, her reviled first husband. As the financier Sir James Goldsmith once put it, ‘When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy,’ and Charles, having married Camilla, would suddenly have found the company of his ex strangely comforting.”

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What an utterly ridiculous exercise for a business magazine no less. Tabloid journalism.

This is disgusting. If I saw my deceased brother or nephew publicly displayed like this I'd be horrified and upset. Let Princess Diana rest in peace. Really, this is inappropriate and in bad taste.

How utterly morbid and in complete bad taste!!

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