Fergie's demons exposed for Oprah network


Sarah Ferguson was built for reality TV, no matter how unreal her life has become.

From the Duchess of York’s fun-loving courtship with Prince Andrew, to her toe-sucking tabloid days, to her ‘Duchess of Pork’ period, to the days of financial desperation caught in a sting operation.

Now, older and poorer and maybe wiser, the Duchess of York drops her issues on the doorstep of the Oprah Winfrey Network. The result is a six-part series, ‘Finding Sarah,’ that begins June 12 and follows her as she tries to rebound with the helps of Winfrey experts like Dr. Phil and Suzanne Orman.

SARAH So, what do we find out?

Well, for one, Ferguson doesn’t like herself very much. “Unlovable” and “worthless” are two descriptions she has of herself.

After previewing the show, the Daily Mail relates one scene where she breaks down in tears: 'I looked in mirror this morning and went: ‘Well, no wonder nobody loves you - you are so disgusting’.”

Much of the blame falls on Sarah’s parents, both deceased. When her mother, Susan Barrantes, would hit Sarah for some transgression, a vein would pop up on the girl’s forehead. “You've got the sign of the devil. I'm going to beat that devil out!” her mother would yell.

Such episodes led to others, just as traumatic, and these are blamed for the low self-esteem Ferguson exhibits.

Dr. Phil enters the program to try to deal with that, and Orman is brought in to see what sense she can make of her finances. She hit “rock bottom,” she admits, after she was video-taped offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for money.

Sarah has gone the route of public confessions before, admitting that her life’s journey has been filled with mistakes. She seems contrite, then makes another mistake.

Only time will tell whether this very public airing of her foibles makes a difference.

If Oprah can’t find Sarah, who can?

Photo gallery: Sarah through the years


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