Gossip follows Pippa around Europe

Pippa Middleton and 'friend' at the French Open in Paris this week. (Reuters)

Poor Pippa.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister can’t seem to shake the intense media scrutiny that has dogged her ever since she donned her form-fitting white dress to attend to Kate Middleton’s needs at the royal wedding on April 29.

The whirlwind of gossip around the 27-year-old continues this week as she attends the French Open in Paris ... with a mystery male companion in tow.

Uh-oh … trouble in her love life? Well, lets consider the trail of evidence:

-- Immediately after the wedding, there are whispers that Prince Harry has taken a shine to maid-of-honour Middleton, apparently sending Pippa’s stockbroker boyfriend Alex Loudon into a jealous rage. No proof, of course, but what the heck.

-- Pippa goes on vacation to Madrid and meets up with George Percy, a former boyfriend from their days at the University of Edinburgh. Soon after, she accepts a job offer from him to work at his geothermal energy firm. Hmmmm.

--  This week, she shows up in Paris and is squired around by a tall dark stranger (to the public anyway). They are photographed together at the French Open, reportedly later going out to dinner and then clubbing. When he’s asked whether he’s dating Pippa, he replies: “We’re just good friends.” Hmmmm.

Pippa, so far, isn’t talking, apparently trying to have a good time without anyone nosing into her business. Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, Pippa watchers will be distressed to learn that she will not be winning the ‘Rear of the Year’ award.

Her backside admirers swelled into an army in the weeks after the wedding, even spawning at least one inventive video and a Facebook page.

All this vaulted her into the running for the annual ‘Rear’ award in Britain, but the word from organizer Tony Edwards is that the last minute surge of support wasn’t enough: “While the immediate flood of votes for Pippa was sudden and unexpected, it still had to compete with an ongoing flow of nominations for half a dozen or so firm favourites who had been well ahead in the voting since January.”

Poor Pippa.


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