Looking for work? Kate and Wills need some help


Help wanted: Young couple desperately seeking to cook, clean and help them get ready for work. Previous experience with dukes or duchesses a plus. Apply Buckingham Palace.

Barely a month after setting up shop as a working royal couple and vowing to keep up their independence on the home front, William and Kate have hit the wall of day-to-day reality: They need help.

The couple is advertising within the palace for four jobs to help them when they are in London: a housekeeper, butler, valet and dresser. In addition to being competent at their jobs, applicants are advised to be friendly and patient.

According to a Daily Mirror source, the postings have the staff “buzzing with excitement.”

“Lots of people will want these prestigious jobs. The royals always like to promote existing staff rather than bring in people from outside.”

The paper said Kate will interview the prospects and hope to have a staff in place before they depart for their Canadian tour, June 30-July 8.

The staff will only be based in London, where the couple will be moving into Kensington Palace temporarily while they look for permanent quarters. The newly-minted Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan to maintain their solitary existence when they are in Wales, where William works as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot.

The hyper-activity of the last few weeks may have been enough to tip the scales in favour of the couple seeking help.

There is plenty of rushing around as the pair prepares for the Canadian trip, plus royal duties to fulfill. Last weekend, William went had to put on full military gear to rehearse for the Trooping the Colour ceremony, then rush off to find top hat and tails for the Epsom Derby.

The Royal Household serves the needs of the monarch. There is about 1,200 staff -- ranging from chefs to butlers to curators -- of which 450 are funded by the taxpayer.

Kate ready to earn her wings ... with Harry

Speaking of help, Kate is reportedly about to get some from her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, in the form of flying lessons.

Grob Both Harry and his brother are qualified fixed-wing instructors, but there's more room on Harry's schedule to fulfill Kate's wish of earning a fixed wing licence.

The London Sun reports that Kate was "thrilled" when Harry offered his assistance. She would be trained on a Grob two-seater training aircraft, the same used by civilians for earning a pilot's licence.

Kate comes from a family of fliers. Her father Michael was a pilot, as was her grandfather Peter, who trained pilots in Canada during the Second World War.

Harry, 26, is the perfect choice as a teacher. In 2009 he wowed Army Air Corps instructors when he learnt to handle a Grob training aircraft (photo). The small two-seater is the kind of machine civilians use to get private pilots' licences. Harry's instructors called him a natural with a flair for flying.

When she qualifies, Kate will be in good company, too. Wills' father and grandfather are both trained fliers.



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