Kate gets some shopping help for Canadian tour

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was spotted with a garment bag holding something red as she emerged from Alexander McQueen's fashion house. Good colour for Canada.

As much as she wants to keep an independent façade, the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge has reached out for help in putting together her wardrobe for the royal Canadian tour.

Word is that Kate is using a personal shopper to aid her effort in stuffing the suitcases with suitable attire for the nine-day romp across Canada, plus another few days in California. Basic math suggests this will not be a simple matter. A couple of changes a day, formal wear, hats, shoes, jeans for the Stampede, shorts for the dragon boat race … you get the idea.

To help shop for outfits, Kate is using personal shoppers at luxury department stores Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, according to Grazia magazine. Basically, a personal shopper goes the store for you and gets what you want. One of the people she is using is the same shopper that helps Prince William and Harry do their Christmas shopping.

That’s a far cry from a stylist, who will direct the outfit selection.

"(This) is interesting in terms of Kate because it’s another mark of how confident she is in being able to style herself - confidence which is very well-founded, if her recent sartorial choices are anything to go by," Grazia notes.

It’s all part of the royal couple’s efforts to keep staff to a minimum for this trip. They are bringing just seven people along, mostly press aides and secretaries. The one ‘luxury’ is Kate’s hairdresser, James Pryce.

Kate’s wardrobe for the tour will, naturally, be a daily source of conversation. Grazia reports that the Duchess was spotted at Alexander McQueen headquarters the other day with a garment bag that held some red-coloured clothing.

Still, don’t be surprised if some of the clothes look familiar. She has already been seen in outfits more than once, including the one she wore for the couple’s official tour portrait.

There’s also the option, too, of dropping into a local Bay, Sears or Zellers if she needs something while she’s here.

Right ….

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Wow that woman is so beautiful. Bill is one lucky so-and-so. Don't screw it up!

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