Pippa leaving jolly old England?

Alex Loudon and Pippa Middleton.     GETTY IMAGES

It appears The Sun has gotten to the bottom of Pippa Middleton's split from former cricketer Alex Loudon: Pippa's ready to decamp from the U.K.

Pippa split with Loudon shortly after the Royal Wedding and turned heads earlier this month when she was spotted at the French Open with former boyfriend George Percy (at right).

And it wasn't the first time she and Percy had been spotted together of late. The Daily Mail published photos of the two of them in Madrid in mid May.

According to sources quoted in the Sun, Pippa has her sights set on the south of France, where she's keen to carry on the family business of party planning.

"She is keen to spend some time living abroad - she's a massive fan of the South of France and hopes to work there and have a base there a bit more permanently.

"But Alex doesn't have the same dream as Pippa. He's quite happy being in London, so it's not something he's keen to share with her."

A quick search on Google reveals that British Airways flies direct between London and Nice (a two hour flight) more than 10 times per day, but perhaps airports just aren't Pippa's thing.

Never one to miss out on some celebrity wagering, Paddy Power is taking bets on who Pippa's next boyfriend will be. Percy is leading the pack at 4/5, with Prince Harry running second at 5/1.



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Pippa and Alex were not married so he's not her "hubby." Might want to change that.

What's with the "Hubby"? Get your facts right. She isn't married, nor has been as far as I know.

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