The Rideau Hall Rice Krispies

With the Royal Tour kicking off today, here's a brief round up of the kind of things that don't make the paper, but do make the email I send my mom.  Here's five things I learned today.

1)      If you attempt to cover a cross country royal tour with only a carry on backpack, your backpack will be heavy.  This is fine, except, you don’t want the airlines to realize because they’ll make you check it. So it’s key, when lifting the bag, to make it look effortless. It might also help to build up upper body strength to accomplish this task. Otherwise, a helpful Porter employee may tell you that “if you can’t lift the bag it’s probably overweight.”   You can reassure that employee that your muscles are undeveloped but she will not believe you.

2)      There are no original photos on a royal tour. One of your 1396 esteemed colleagues will likely get the same thing, or sneak around and take a photo after you leave.  So much for my exclusive “Governor General David Johnstone likes Rice Krispies” file art.

3)      Take photos for the blog horizontally. People shouldn’t be expected to crane their necks just because you’ve been so thoughtless and incompetent.

4)      Alongside number 2, there are few one-on-one interviews here. Someone is always lurking in the shadows. Sometimes, that person is me. I apologize.

5)    If you’re going across Canada, it’s helpful to pack a couple of pairs of pants for cool days, and not just one. If you do pack just one pair of pants (along with some all-business capris), and the weather continues to stay chilly, people are going to think you have poor hygiene. It’s best to distract them by wearing a series of scarves, which don’t require a lot of space in the carry-on.

 -Katie Daubs

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