Middletons eye bomb-proof car for Pippa

The attention lavished on Pippa Middleton -- some of it unwanted -- since the royal wedding has her parents worried enough that they are looking at buying her a bomb-proof car.

Kate-pippa Carole and Michael Middleton have discussed their security concerns for their 27-year-old daughter with one of Prince William's bodyguards, according to the London Sun.

One of the options is reportedly a specially-designed $150,000 BMW or Audi, complete with bullet-proof windows.

"Pippa's car will have all the latest security devices, including armour plating. It will be bomb proof," the paper quoted a source.

Unlike her sister, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge (right, with her sister), Pippa is not within the circle of people entitled to protection services from the Royal Family.

Security has been a big concern of the Middletons since the royal wedding in April. Pippa's popularity has skyrocketed and fan websites have sprung up in praise of 'Her Royal Hotness.'

It is reported the Middletons already have put in extra security measures around their home in Bucklebury, including 'panic buttons' that summon police.

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