Place your bets ... Is Harry next for Pippa?


Pippa Middleton and ex-boyfriend (?) George Percy watch some tennis. (Getty Images)

The media buzz around Pippa Middleton’s status as a sought-after single just got louder.

The sister of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has reportedly broken up with stockbroker and former cricketer Alex Loudon, according to the London Sunday Times.

“It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up,” a friend of Pippa’s told the paper.

Speculation on the next suitor began almost immediately. Pippa has been seen recently with ex-boyfriend George Percy, but there is also talk that the time if ripe for Prince Harry to get a little closer Pippa. The pair had a one-on-one lunch last week.

The British betting shop, William Hill, is offering 25-1 odds on them becoming an item.

Company spokesman Rupert Adams said: “Harry is possibly the most eligible bachelor on the planet and Pippa is fast becoming the UK’s most eligible girl," Hill spokesman Rupert Adams told the Daily Star.

“They’re a perfect match.”

The Pippa intrigue heightened in recent days when she was spotted dining with Percy, a Edinburgh University classmate and the son of one of Britain's richest men, the Duke of Northumberland. The pair spent time together until the wee hours of  the morning, then were spotted at the AEGON tennis championships in London. Last month, the pair were seen together in Madrid, where Pippa was holidaying.

Middleton and Loudon have been dating about eight months and he was guest at the royal wedding in April. However, they have not been spotted together in weeks while she has continued to be a target of the British media who make reference to her as “Her Royal Hotness.

Royal church service for Prince Philip

While the intrigue over Pippa continues, the Royal Family continues to go about its business. Following on the heels of the Trooping the Colour ceremony on Saturday, the family gathered for a church service on Sunday to mark the 90th birthday of Prince Philip.

William and Kate were there, of course, with Kate wearing a blue Jacquard coat dress, the same one she wore to the wedding of William's friend, Nicholas van Cutsem, in 2009. Recycling, it seems, will be part of her royal duties.

The 45-minute service was held at Windsor Castle's St. George's Chapel, after which about 100 family members had a private lunch.

Princes William and Harry didn't dawdle after the meal. They headed to Coworth Park, near Windsor, to take part in a charity polo match. The event raised money for Sentebale, a charity co-founded by Prince Harry to help orphans in Lesotho.

Photo gallery: The princes and the ponies

Photo gallery: The royals mark Prince's 90th birthday


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You DO realize that Pippa is NOT a Royal, right?

Pippa and Prince Harry would be a fine pair. She was in line for the "rear of the year" award and he is a renowned wit who had the guests rolling in the aisles at the festivities following the royal wedding. Can you imagine them walking in together to a formal reception? The guests would look up from sipping their champagne, nudge each other and mutter, "Here they come -- the arse and the farce."

Danger, Will Robinson! Sister sister brother brother is a huge bad match.

She maintains a healthy purse filled with the greatest currency of royalty these days: Popularity

She is also directly related, considered more attractive than Kate, and there are a great deal of people who are at least vaguely curious about who the future king's brother-in-law may be.

As for better news, I've just won £50 on a bet that she would break up with her bf before the years out since she suddenly has unexpectedly great options.

"Recycling, it seems, will be part of her royal duties." Are you kidding me...the girl wears a dress she wore two years ago and you make a comment like that? Please remember that the British TAXPAYERS pay for her wardrobe so I think it's actually a good idea if these "Royals" have to recycle a few pieces of clothing every once in a while, like the rest of us normal folk!

Pippa is not royalty.PLEASE! That man is not Prince Harry but George Percy. Pls check HELLO Magazine website!

God they're farming her out like she's cattle. "Good teeth, nice bear'n hips, hairs not bad" She'll make a nice addition to the herd....

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