William and Kate's miniscule entourage

While airline passengers struggle with tighter luggage constrictions, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also cut down for their upcoming visit to Canada — they’re bringing only seven staff members.

For Kate that means a personal hairstylist, but no royal dresser.

“The entourage is designed, whoever it is, according to requirements of the tour and we’ve just followed that principle really,” Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, the Duke and Duchess’ private secretary, told the Daily Mail.

“In that, actually having done a pretty careful analysis, we’ve kept it as tight as we possibly can.”

The team of seven will include Lowther-Pinkerton, whose 10-year-old son was a page boy at the couple’s wedding, along with assistant private secretary Chris Keeley, press secretary Miguel Head, the Prince of Wales’ press secretary, Patrick Harrison, an unnamed administrative assistant and Sir David Manning, an adviser to Kate and William who coached the then future-duchess in royal duties before her marriage.

“We’ve been minded of the fact (this is) the Duchess’s first tour and she needs to be properly supported so she doesn’t have to worry about stuff other than core matters,” said Lowther-Pinkerton.

The man who dressed Kate’s locks on April 29, London-based hairdresser James Pryce, will be along for the ride.

While onlookers look for Kate to cement her fashion icon status during the tour, the elder Middleton child will be on her own when it comes to assembling her Canadian look, having broken with royal tradition by leaving her dresser at home.

The royal couple will touch down in Ottawa for Canada Day before heading to Montreal, Quebec City, Charlottetown, Yellowknife and Calgary, and then on to California.

“Canadians hold the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in very high esteem and look forward to welcoming them as they embark on their first official royal tour as newlyweds,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement announcing the royal tour.

“The couple’s decision to visit Canada first is a testament to our country’s close relationship with the crown and the Royal Family, and an opportunity for all Canadians to take pride in our traditions, history, and institutions,” he added.

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We have posted the full details of the tour, but here's a re-cap.

June 30-July 2: Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec, including Canada Day celebrations
July 2: Montreal for the end of the Jazz Festival
July 3: Quebec City
July 3-4: Charlottetown. The Duchess is reportedly a fan of Anne of Green Gables so a detour through Cavendish is almost certain.
July 4: Summerside
July 4-6: Yellowknife
July 6-8: Calgary



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It's a good thing they eliminated the dresser. Geesh, they're all grown up, they can dress themselves. It's bad enough she needs a hairdresser.

I love hearing about the new Royal couple but seriously is this something they should be proud of? ONLY 7 in their party to travel? Oh my - however will they survive. After hearing all the money spent on their lavish honeymoon my respect for this so-called budget friendly couple has seriously disappeared. Stop comparing them to Charles and Diana - she will NEVER be Diana and can never fill her shoes. Move on people.

Ooooh, she can dress herself, what a big girl!

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