Breakfast with Pippa ... and 15,000 crumpets

Pippa crumpets

Pippa Middleton always had good taste. Now she tastes good too.

In an inspired bit of marketing, a British eatery has used one of the country’s favourite breakfast foods – the crumpet – to create a giant mosaic of the iconic rear-view image of Pippa at the royal wedding, plus a portrait.

Loudon Artist Laura Hadland used 15,000 crumpets and 100 jays of various spreads (butter, jam and Marmite) to create this curious breakfast of champions that measures 13 x 20 metres. It took 15 people about 24 hours to piece together the Pippa meal (see video below).

The inspiration was a poll done by the UK’s Beefeater Grill, which was promoting its new breakfast menu. Asking Britons who they would most like to “wake up to breakfast with,” the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister picked up 21 per cent of the votes.

“It's no surprise that someone as striking as Pippa has ranked as the country's top bit of crumpet,” said David Murdin of Beefeater Grill.

There’ll be no argument from Alex Loudon (above right), whose rumoured split with Pippa is most definitely over, if it ever happened at all. The Daily Mail reports Pippa managed to give photographers the slip and spend part of the weekend watching Loudon play his favourite sport, cricket.



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17,000 children died in the 24 hours it took to make this monstrosity. Humanity is lost unless we all wake up.

I couldnt agree more Kathleen... that is the most disgusting display of waste and ignorance I have seen lately.

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