It's honeymoon hell for Monaco's beleaguered royals

For Prince Albert and his new bride Princess Charlene, the honeymoon is over. That is, if it ever began at all.

Monaco Monaco’s top royals have returned home early from their South African honeymoon -– where the couple reportedly spent at least some time in separate hotels -- so Albert can face results of DNA testing to determine if he fathered a third child out of wedlock.

The paternity claim came just before the royal couple exchanged vows on July 2 and 3 in lavish civil and religious ceremonies at the Prince’s Palace.

The lukewarm kisses the couple exchanged at the wedding and the tears that Charlene shed added fuel to the speculation that the princess tried to escape Monaco several times before the wedding, but failed, and a financial deal was struck with the 33-year-old former Olympian to ensure the marriage would go ahead.

The palace has denied the reports and this week Charlene told Vogue magazine: “It is a shame that those rumours came at such a bad time, but I think they were timed to sabotage such a happy occasion. They are categorical lies.”

The latest embarrassing report for the couple comes from City Press newspaper in South Africa, which claims the honeymooning couple stayed in separate hotels 16 kilometres apart.

The couple’s was booked to stay in a $6,000-a-night suite at the Oyster Box Hotel near Durban. Instead, the paper reported, Charlene stayed in a cheaper suite at the hotel while Albert was at the Hilton Hotel. When the couple met with President Jacob Zuma, they arrived in the same car but left in two separate vehicles, the paper reported.

The 53-year-old Albert, who already has acknowledged two illegitimate children, is being sued by a third woman with a child. He already has a 6-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter, neither of whom are eligible for the Monaco throne. The French magazine Public claims there are two new illegimate children, one of them 18 months old.


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I'm confused. I thought I was reading the Toronto Star, not the News of the World...

Does The Star allow "illegitimate children" as a descriptor for children born to unmarried parents? It really stinks as a term - all children are legitimate!

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