Kate's old car heads to eBay auction block


Kate rides in a lot of different vehicles these days, but her favourite in university was her Volkswagen Golf, which goes up for sale on eBay.(AP photo)

Sonny Brazil figures he got quite the bargain when he bought a 2001 Volkswagen Golf a few years ago.

It may be more of a bargain than he ever realized.

You see, the name of the original owner was one Catherine Middleton, aka these days as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Brazil, 21, figures the car is probably worth a lot more more than when he bought it for about $2,200 in 2009.

He’s probably right, and he’ll find out how much when he puts the car on eBay’s UK auction site on Friday, complete with the original log book, the work receipts and one pair of cufflinks found in the vehicle.

The bidding for the blue, 1.4-litre Golf starts at 20,000 pounds ($31,000 Canadian).

“I went to an auction house in Dorset a few weeks ago and they said it would be worth 30,000 pounds plus ($46,000), purely because of the name in the log book,” Brazil told the Daily Mail. “I'm not quite sure who the cufflinks belong to, they might have been William's or they could have belonged to (Kate’s brother) James.”

Kate bought the car new in November 2001 for about $17,000, while she was a student at St. Andrews University and Prince William was no more than a casual friend. She put on about 100,000 kilometres before handing the keys over to her brother James in 2007 (when she upgraded to a new Audi).

In 2009, the car made it into Brazil’s garage in Bucklebury, not far from the Middleton home, for about $2,200.

Since then, he says he has only put about 4,000 kilometres on the vehicle, admitting that he been “quite precious about it.”

The book value on a used 2001 Golf is about $5,700.


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What does being a casual friend of Prince Andrew have to do with the story?

FYI: The writer states in the last paragraph of this story that Kate and "Prince Andrew" were mere casual friends, it should definitely state "Prince William".

I believe the author meant Prince William, not Prince Andrew.

Who is going to buy kate's car? I am just wondering.

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