Royal newlyweds find some privacy on Honeymoon Island

There’s not a whole lot of room for ‘down time’ during the royal tour, but somehow Kate and William have found their moments.

Kate will One of them came Tuesday night when the newlyweds escaped by themselves for a few hours to the aptly-named Honeymoon Island on remote Blachford Lake in the Northwest Territories.

It was a surprise for Kate arranged by Prince William, the Daily Mail reports, and the royals later described the getaway in the land of the midnight sun as “magical.”

The owners of Blachford Lake Lodge helped set up the mini, three-hour excursion.

“The midnight sunset here is regarded as the slowest sunset in the world and it is very spectacular,” said Mike Freeland, who owns the lodge. “The island has a very special feeling and is incredibly romantic. It will be wonderful for them.

“Once you are there you are surrounded by nature. Only the sound of the occasional Loon bird in the distance breaks the silence.

“They may not have long but after all the travelling and chaos of the past few days this really will re-charge their batteries.”

The lodge’s chef prepared a meal of cranberries, bannock bread and some caribou and white fish for the royals to take with them.

The couple had spent the early part of the evening at Blachford Lake visiting with the Canadian Rangers, as well as meeting students and checking out some of the traditions of the First Nations community.

Kate and William then waved goodbye to their hosts and to their entourage, picked up a few paddles and set off for the island (below) in a canoe.



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