Royals find a rustic lovenest at Lake Louise

Skoki Lodge“I heard they had to have a bathroom flown in.”
That’s what the cab driver in Calgary says as everyone ruminates on the Kate and William’s alleged 24-hour break at Skoki Lodge.

The Lake Louise retreat has room for 22 guests, and is reknowned for its hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and serenity all year long.
It’s the kind of place where a list of frequently asked questions includes:

“Am I able to travel by horse to Skoki Lodge and can my horse spend the night?”
(You can rent a horse but he can’t sleep over, FYI.)

“Let your mind drift back in time through the log walls, the ski memorabilia and numerous historic photos dating back to the early days of skiing,” the resort’s website says, which is just a warm up to the bad news: “There is no electricity or running water, warm wash water is always available.”

Which is really just a euphemism for: “enjoy the outhouse.”

So, the rumor in Calgary, at least in a well connected cab, is that a bathroom was delivered to the site.
The historic lodge sits at an elevation of 7,100 feet (2,164 metres) in Banff National Park, and you can only get there by hiking or skiing an 11-kilometre trail. Of course, if you’re royalty, you can just chopper on down.

The lodge was keeping mum Thursday morning, but mentioned that a press release is expected to be released this afternoon.

A press release saying that the couple did not stay at the lodge would be a silly thing indeed, but one never knows. It certainly would seem a good fit with the couple, who are sporty and outdoorsy. They have been missing from the media circus since they visited Slave Lake on Wednesday afternoon. They will arrive in Calgary at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, where they will be given a white cowboy hat at the airport, part of a ceremony of official welcome in Calgary.

They will then visit a medical research centre and attend a Stampede party with their old pal Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who they last saw in Ottawa.

NOTE: It's official, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent their 24 hour vacation at the historic Skoki Lodge in the  Lake Louise area. The news was confirmed late Thursday.


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Why would the Star publish this if they'r still going be there for another 7 1/2 hours??!! Give them some privacy on their few hours off! So irresponsible.

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