Separate beds for Monaco's honeymooning royals, palace confirms

Monaco Princess Charlene and Prince Albert has seen their fairytale turn into a horror story. (Getty Images

The bizarre twists to the supposed fairytale wedding of Monaco’s Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock is getting more bizarre by the day.

The Prince’s Palace is in full damage-control mode after reports began circulating about Albert’s paternity suits, Charlene’s attempts to run away from the marriage, deals to produce an heir, and even sleeping in separate hotels on their honeymoon last week.

The palace has confirmed to the Daily Mail that, yes indeed, Albert and Charlene did sleep in hotels 16 kilometres apart in Durban, South Africa. Apparently, says the Monaco official, the prince had meetings scheduled at the Hilton with the International Olympic Committee, of which he is a member.

“For practical reasons, it was better to sleep there,” said the palace.

Charlene’s father, who is publically defending the marriage, said Albert just wanted to avoid “traffic congestion.”

Huh? On your honeymoon? In a battle between locking bumpers or locking lips, Charlene clearly lost.

Charlene, meanwhile, was staying at the Oyster Box Hotel, where she downgraded her room from the $6,000-a-night suite that was originally booked (presumably she didn’t need the space anymore).

Then the ‘honeymoon’ was cut short so Albert, 53, can take care of some DNA testing to fight a threatened paternity suit, the one that drove Charlene to make her escape attempts (reportedly three).

The palace is now insisting that the couple is, in fact, still in South Africa and planning another honeymoon. This one is to be “secret,” said the palace.

Good luck with that.


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My God, she is the most unhappy looking Bride I have ever seen in my life. Imagine, being this unhappy when you can have anything in the world, married to a Prince, living in Monaco... WOW!! She is beautiful and probably went into the marriage for all the right reasons, but he will probably never change, she is wiping away tears during the service and he is looking at her "like she is nuts" not even a comforting hug or smile. Hell might be a better alternative for Charlene . That whole family is crazy, man the two sisters did not age well.
Just for a second, imagine being at their family dinner....yikes.

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