Sweden's long-lost princess goes home

Swedish princess  Some Swedes thought they had lost Princess Madeleine to New York. (Reuters)

Sweden thought it had lost its youngest princess to New York.

But after nine months away from home she's returned to Stockholm to see her family -- and she's brought a boyfriend.

Princess Madeleine, the youngest daughter of the country's monarchs King Carl and Queen Silvia, jetted off to the Big Apple last year after breaking off her engagement to lawyer Jonas Berstrom after claims he cheated on her.

Her time stateside was meant to help her get over the end of her eight-year relationship before she returned home, but weeks soon became months and the Swedes started wondering when they would get their princess back.

Concerns that Madeleine was intent on making the U.S. her home reached a boiling point when her Jack Russell terrier Zorro arrived in New York.

But now, after accompanying her brother to the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in Monaco, Madeleine is in Sweden with her American boyfriend, financier Chris O’Neill.

The couple have been spotted shopping in Stockholm arm-in-arm and meeting with the Princess's family. There is no word yet on if he was invited to attend Princess Victoria's birthday celebrations on Thursday.

It seems it was this love interest that kept the princess in New York.

The Swedish royal family is not opposed to its youngest dating or marrying commoners. Madeleine's older sister Victoria married her personal trainer and her brother Carl Philip is dating a former topless model.

But no matter how far royals travel it seems they cannot escape the small world of the blue-blooded. O'Neill is the son of Eva O'Neill, a socialite who once dated Prince Charles, according to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.


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