First day of tour earns good grades from press

The first day of the royal visit brought favourable reviews from across the media landscape, including from those across the pond who have been known to cast a very critical eye on the comings and goings of royalty.

There are more than 1,300 journalists covering this tour, almost a hundred of them from Britain. Here's a few excerpts from reports they filed to their publications:

From London's Daily Mail:

“The Duchess of Cambridge won the hearts of a nation today the moment she placed one elegantly-shod foot on Canadian soil.

Actually, there were three pairs of shoes -- and three changes of clothes -– all of which were scrutinised and approved by an adoring public.

On their first afternoon of their 11-day tour of Canada and the US, Kate and her husband, Prince William, sparked the type of hysteria normally reserved for the likes of home-grown popstar Justin Beiber.

The Mail did notice, however, one moment where Kate was not quite ready to test out her anthem voice:

Kate noticeably did not sing the Canadian national anthem, O Canada, when it was played, although aides insisted she had learnt the words in preparation for her visit.


From the Daily Telegraph:

The couple arrived here knowing their 11-day tour of Canada and California is likely to be a defining moment in the way the world views them, as it was for the Duke’s parents when the seeds of worldwide “Diana-mania” were sown during the Prince and Princess of Wales’s tour of Australasia in 1983.

And if the evidence of yesterday is anything to go by, Ottawa will be remembered as the city where international Kate-mania was born.

 From the BBC’s royal correspondent Peter Hunt:

They are the British and, indeed, the Canadian monarchy's future.

The enthusiastic, large crowds were keen to catch a glimpse of their future king and queen - this in a country where, according to a recent opinion poll, almost half of its citizens think the monarchy "is a relic of a colonial past that has no place in Canada today".

The dissenters weren't in evidence today. The streets were filled by the dedicated and the curious.

They saw a much talked about "fresh and modern" royal couple carry out a tried and tested programme of engagements, including a speech by Prince William in English and French.

He'll be partially bilingual for the next nine days as he tours a country which has had both French and British monarchs.


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