The Kate debate: Is she anorexic?

Almost since her engagement to Prince William, there has been a nagging question hovering around Kate Middleton: Is she anorexic?

Kate thin Given the history of Princess Diana, who admitted to struggling with an eating disorder, it was almost inevitable that the Duchess of Cambridge would fall under the same weighscale microscope as she shed pounds prior to her wedding.

The speculation has become all the more intense since her royal tour of Canada, when some of her outfits revealed a woman who is certainly thin, though she didn’t appear unhealthy and held up quite well through an obviously rigorous schedule.

Britain’s Star magazine is the latest to declare the duchess a sick woman, a victim of royal stress. They quote a Dr. Fred Prescatore as saying Kate is between 95 and 100 pounds, “seriously underweight for her height (between 5-foot-8 and 5-10).”

During the tour, another doctor offered this opinion: “You only need look at the pictures from the current visit to Canada to see that she really has lost a lot of weight and that she’s bordering on anorexia,” said Fabiola De Clercq, founder of Italy’s Association for the Study and Research of Anorexia.

And yet another expressed concern that at her current weight, she would have difficulty getting pregnant, which is problematic for the royals since one of her main jobs is to produce heirs to the British throne.

“If she loses one more pound her fertility will be reduced,” said Dr. Julian Spinks, health expert for Britain’s Daily star.

“She’s on the line at the minute and the most important thing is that she doesn’t lose any more.”

Observers guess that she has lost as much as 10 pounds since the wedding, her dress size down to zero and her waist down to 24 inches. Before her wedding on April 29, her dress size was six.

The problem, the doctors say, is that women can stop ovulating if the weight drops too low, which would affect the ability to conceive.

Both Kate and her sister Pippa have become poster girls for some “thinspiration” websites dedicated to those seeking perfection through super-skinny physiques. “To have the Middleton sisters [on these sites] is like, oh my God, a disaster waiting to happen,” said Jill M. Pollack, U.S. director of the Center for the Study of Anorexia and Bulimia.

The blogosphere is full of opinions on this Kate debate. The opinions range from "leave her alone" to "get help fast."

History suggests this is a no-win situation for the duchess. Much like Princess Diana, her physical appearance will always be scrutinized, every pound or wrinkle gained or lost a sign of something deeper.

Is she anorexic, or even close to it? The question remains unanswered, which, like it or not, will keep the speculation on the fast track.



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I really think the press should leave the poor girl alone. Yes, she is skinny for her height however, lots of models her height are skinny and not anorexic. After what happened with Diana I'm very disgusted with the press for poking at Kate about her weight. Unacceptable!

When she was at university she looked healthy and great. Her clothes just hang on her now. She is shapeless.

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