Waving at Kate and other stupid things I did

Katie Daubs photo/Toronto Star


Ok, here's a few tips I picked up on day one in Ottawa, the official start of the royal tour.


1)      Don’t go into a trance. When the duke and duchess waved at the crowds at Rideau Hall, I had a stimulus, response moment and waved back, thus cementing my position as the loser of the media corps. “HEY KATE! IT’S ME YOUR FRIEND!"

2)      Don’t walk into live BBC shots. While it is a cheap and convenient way to stay in touch with friends in England, the “distracting reporter in the background” is not a sought after background for live hits.

3)      The media corps, though large, is incredibly kind. I thought it would be all elbows and shouting. But everyone is helpful, ducking out of the way to make sure we all get our shots.

4)      You can’t hug the VIPs.  They don’t like that at Rideau Hall. I don’t go around hugging VIPs, generally, but a fellow journalism grad, who is a monarchist, was there. And I get excited and forget protocol.

5)      Ladders are contentious.  Some photographers bring them to get a better view. Sometimes, nobody says anything. Other times, the photographers are chastised publically by officials.  It’s a 50/50 chance.


-Katie Daubs


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