Will and Kate are going 'under the radar'


Will and Kate plan to slow down their royal pace for the rest of the year. (Getty Images)

Hope you got your fill of William and Kate for a while because they don’t plan on peeking out from their Wales farmhouse very often for the rest of the year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going “under the radar,” said St. James’s Palace, so they can get used to life as just plain old newlyweds.

“Since they got married they were on honeymoon, in London for most of June for family events and other events and want to go back and have a married life together under the radar, and enjoy their life in Anglesey and keeping things chilled,” said a spokesman.

That’s not to say the couple didn’t enjoy their 11-day tour that took them through four Canadian provinces onto California.

“They think it’s gone really well. They are very pleased about how well-organized it was and how well they were looked after in Canada and California,” said the spokesman.

“They have just been on such a buzz every day, coming back full of stories. They have really enjoyed it.”

The next time you can expect to see them stepping out is at the July 30 wedding of William’s cousin, Zara Phillips, to Mike Tindall in Edinburgh. Other than that event -- which is being treated as stricktly a private family affair -- there are no public engagements until the fall.

“The past few months have been a whirlwind and (Kate) just wants to take a step back and spend some time with her new husband,” a palace source told the Daily Mail.

“She has even joked that people will probably be glad to see the back of her given the number of photographs that have been taken over the past couple of weeks.”

There are some other practical reasons for toning down the schedule. For one, William needs to put in a lot more flying time as a search and rescue pilot in order to earn the captain’s rank he seeks. He will also be deployed to the Falklands sometime next year for up to two months.

As for Kate, she will be educating herself on William’s charities and what royal duties she plans on taking on.

“The Queen and the Prince of Wales are fully aware of their plan to go under the radar in the next few months and are very supportive of it,” said the palace spokesman.

 “They have the rest of their lives to be public figures and working hard on behalf of the Queen and want to keep things on a level and enjoy their marriage.”

Next year the couple will be taking on at least one royal tour in the Commonwealth as they represent the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year.

As for the just-completed tour, a palace aide told the Mail that Kate “has blown us all away” with the way she handled the spotlight.

At a reception in Los Angeles on the weekend, the Mail quoted Prince William in conversation with David Beckham regarding the couple’s nine days in Canada: “It’s been an amazing few days -– we’ve been so lucky with all the incredible places we’ve been able to see and we’ve met so many fascinating people. It’s been amazing, amazing.”


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Chilled? Anglesey? And a royal spokesperson used the word: "chilled"???

Good for them, and she is correct," there is too much exposure." I think they are a great looking couple and love seeing them, but like them, I am now
needing a rest...

Get back to home life, enjoy each other, there will be plenty of time to be in the spotlight.

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