Palace privacy not perfect for Will and Kate

Nottingham Cottage (circled) in Kensington Palace is out of the public's view, but is not shielded from other apartments on the Palace grounds. (Bing maps)

You would think that by now Prince William and his wife Kate would be used to having people stare at them.

Well, it’s one thing when you are roaming in public, quite another when it’s happening right in your own backyard with neighbours.

The royal couple moved into Nottingham Cottage in the Kensington Palace compound just last month, but the Daily Mail reports that they are not pleased that their home is within eye-shot of Palace apartments inhabited by palace staff.

It’s not likely Will and Kate are going to put up too much of a fuss, though.

For one thing, the cottage is temporary until they find a permanent London home.

For another, they do not spend the majority of their time in the city. Most days, William and Kate are in North Wales where the prince works as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. That is their principal residence for the next two years.

If anything, it might be the Palace neighbours who do the complaining. They can expect more royal helicopter commuter traffic than they are used to and the landing pad is the Palace field that is most often used by local schools.

Looks like everyone’s neighbourly manner may be put to the test.


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