Over-refreshed Prince Harry takes a dip in his clothes

Fresh from his recent split with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Prince Harry was spotted recently whooping it up a Croatian resort.

According to one report, the British royal had no shortage of female companionship for the evening's festivities.

At one point the prince had the full attention of no less than four blonde girls and he didn't seem to mind the company.

Alas, according to the Daily Beast, it appears that the night started to get away from Harry.

On vacation with friends, the 26-year-old reportedly spent his night chatting up a pair of Croatian models and running up a bar tab so high that he ran out of money. (His private security officers had to settle the bill.)

At one point, Harry was dancing on the side of a swimming pool when he loses his footing and takes fully-clothed plunge.

You have to give him credit: He does manage the make the plunge look more like a dive than a slip.

Harry is expected to be at an awards event in London this evening for WellChild. Clarence House put out a Tweet this morning about the event:

After #HarrysArcticHeroes, tonight we have amazing children coping with severe illness at the #wellchildawards http://bit.ly/rmiY35

The Royal Family is no doubt hoping the Prince is not too worse for wear.

Fresh from his recent split with lingere model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Prince Harry was spotted recently whooping it up a Croatian resort.


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Hard to believe that, being so close to the throne, he could potentially be King some day...This is hardly royal behaviour...

Oh please - he's a young person having a good time. Get a life, ya'll. Don't see him doing anything publicly except serving his country and raising funds for charity.

Notice the great dive and return to his dance steps. Focussed footwork Harry!

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