Another Mystery Blonde video emerges ... but it's staying a mystery

Zara Phillips, wife of England rugby player Mike Tindall, watches him play against Romania in a World Cup of Rugby match in Dunedin, New Zealand, on Saturday.

The Mystery Blonde mystery appears to have a new twist for the Queen’s granddaughter to ponder.

There now appears to be a second video in existence showing Zara Phillips’ new husband, Mike Tindall, being very friendly with a blonde woman. This closed-circuit video was shot on the same night but in a different New Zealand bar than the one that landed on the Internet.

If there’s good news for the English rugby star, it’s that the second bar owner has every intention of keeping the new video under lock and key, according to a report in the New Zealand Herald.

"Whatever happens in our bar, stays in our bar. We're not out to ruin a guy's life,” said the manager of the Cowboys bar, Mel Latu.

Tindall and the blonde reportedly went to the Cowboys bar at around 2 a.m. two weeks ago after leaving the Altitude bar where they were celebrating an English team victory at the World Cup of Rugby. Video footage downloaded to YouTube by a bouncer shows the Tindall being playful and the blonde kissing him on the forehead.

The video caused a frenzy of speculation about the Tindall’s behaviour just seven weeks after marrying Phillips in Edinburgh. Friends of Zara Phillips insist it was an innocent encounter and the newlyweds are friends with the woman.

Latu told the Herald that the video from her bar shows “pretty much the same kind of stuff” as the Altitude footage.

"Our position is that if it's not a crime, then we won't release the footage,” said Cowboys owner Leo Molloy.

It seems unlikely anything improper went on after the bar scene. The Daily Mail quoted a hotel employee who said that when Tindall arrived back at his hotel he was alone and “so drunk that he couldn't even stand when he got out of the taxi.”

Zara Phillips arrived in New Zealand on Thursday and appeared happy as she met her Tindall and went to their hotel. They were seen holding hands on Saturday after leaving the Dunedin rugby stadium where England beat Romania. Various sources say Tindall has been contrite. He's also learned a lesson about the intensity of the spotlight once you marry into the Royal Family.

The bouncer who started this mess, Jonathan Dixon, has a court appearance next week. He’s charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes

It’s reported that Dixon will be giving a TV interview this week when he’s expected to explain why he released the video. In commentary last week, he called Tindall’s behaviour “unbecoming.”

As for Mystery Blonde, she's still a mystery. One thing we do know ... she wasn't Zara.


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"The Tindall"? Is that how he's known, like "The Donald"?

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