Pippa's mini-dress causes a fashion sensation


The catwalk was full of fashion models, but it was the girl -– and her dress -- in the front row that was getting all the attention at the Temperley London fashion show this week.

Pippa3Pippa Middleton was the object of all the staring onlookers as she sat down in a place of honour in her Temperley ‘fan dress’ which bordered on being embarrassingly short.

As she tugged at her mini-dress’s hem to keep her modesty intact, photographers rushed to record the moment. The Duchess of Cambridge's sister kept her smile throughout the show at the British Museum.

Several websites have alluded to a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ with the dress, but the photo evidence suggests Pippa was able to give keep her muscular thighs securely fastened inside the outfit.

Others in the audience included actress Rosario Dawson and socialite Peaches Geldof.

Although Pippa has been photographed around town or at sporting events like Wimbledon, the Temperley show was the first time since the April 29 royal wedding that she has done what might loosely be called a official engagement.

Kate green It's not surprising it would be at a fashion show for one of her favourite designers. The last time Pippa was seen in a Temperley London dress was the post-wedding reception (right) when she wore an emerald-green gown as a follow-up to her stunning bridesmaid outfit by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.








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Much ado about nothing.

Since when is Jordan in Europe?

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